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Booking a Video

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The Fleet Hub

We are creating video from The Fleet Hub 164 Fleet Road Fleet, you can book your slot with us from 10 am – 5pm

Recording your Video?

We are pleased to announce a new services we are offering to clients who are interested in having their own video, a complete end to end solution from recording with us for the day producing a number of video’s for you, we do all the editing for you for a fix price £25.

What do to next?

You can choose a solo video which means it’s just you and the camera, with a pre-written script that will be displayed for you to read.

Send us your Script before the day, and we can take a look over it and help you with the final version. The video needs to be around 2 minutes or less to keep it sharp.

If you are not sure about being on the camera by yourself, then don’t worry, we can have one of our presenters on-screen with you and record it as an interview video.

Please send us any branded logos so we can include them in the final version of your video.