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Healty Cooking

Our Favourite Plant-Based Chef Monika Mateja

BuzzTalk - Healthy Life 22/05/2020 21

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A catch up with our favourite plant-based chef Monika Mateja.

Fun at home, getting all the family involved during Lockdown.

Let’s talk Healthy Food and fine dining!!

About me

I work fulltime as a certified Wellness Chef and Health Coach. I have been through my own transformation ( I walked the talk myself) . I was there almost over a year ago; depressed, with excess weight and no energy and passion for life; I took it in my own hands and decided enough is enough I wanted to live fulfilled life  full of passion and aligned with my values; that is why I know the system well, I know the pains and challenges; I have done it; it was not easy but I followed the steps and came out the other way; now I help others to have what I have love, passion, energy, good health, self-care routine, more time for what you love

I am a member of Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and UK Health Coaches Association. I am in continuous education with an interest in science-based nutrition and functional medicine with a focus on digestive issues, gut health, weight management and diabetes.

My clients have had amazing results being thru my Program they discovered new energy and have the better mental clarity to take their life and business forward.

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BuzzTalk - Healthy Life

Offers tips for good health through good nutrition, exercise, stretches, developing a good Mindset and Healthy Habits.

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