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From The Heart – Feel It Through

From The Heart 12/09/2020

OMG at times modern life tests us and stresses us, doesn’t it?! To help you, me and al of us let’s look together at how living From The Heart and using what we feel as our guide might drastically improve the quality of our life experience. With love always Ben […]

Home Life

From The Heart – Modern Life part 2 Device Control

From The Heart 12/09/2020

Tablets, smartphones, smart speakers with voice command alongside TV’s PC’s, laptops and now smart appliances!!! Where will it end? Can we ever control it? How on earth do we manage these devices and out lives and not let things get out of control?!! Today we chat through a From the […]


From The Heart – Modern Life part 1…Is it good for us?

From The Heart 12/09/2020

Modern life…goodness knows it’s frantic, fast, stressful and chaotic at times! We have long long days, we have busy busy weeks and in the end we all feel the strain. So let us chat today about Modern Life and how a loving approach might improve things for us With love […]


From The Heart – Dealing With Debt

From The Heart 12/09/2020

Are you stressed and feeling trapped because your debts almost force you to work?! Is money and borrowing and making ends meet a challenge each month? From The Heart is a new way of being…and today we will chat together around the subject of being in debt, managing debt and […]

Decision Making

From The Heart – Coping With Anxiety

From The Heart 12/09/2020

How are you today? Not worried about anything?!! Well, for sure most of us always have something that is worrying us…and indeed anxiety really is a modern epidemic although too often swept under the carpet and kept off the radar. Today let’s discuss this and see how we can lovingly […]