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Working with people who wanted to make different life choices

BuzzTalk - Healthy Life 29/10/2021 23

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Join Lucy and the team chat to us on this podcast, as she says on her website, I have always been fascinated with people. I always wondered why some people chose to do certain things while others made different choices. After my Psychology degree I followed my instincts to help others and soon after, in the year 2000.

Resilience Coaching with Lucy

I started working in an alcohol treatment setting, Working with people who wanted to make different life choices, I learned from the best, both from my colleagues and clients!  

I discovered so much about human thought and behaviour but I also learned so much about myself.  

This was the start of a successful career in serving others.  

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BuzzTalk - Healthy Life

Offers tips for good health through good nutrition, exercise, stretches, developing a good Mindset and Healthy Habits.

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